Saturday, February 27, 2016

How Hydroquinone Cream Works to Lighten Skin

When opting for a hydroquinone bleaching cream, it is important that you know all you can about this active ingredient, including the results that you are likely to get with a bleaching cream with hydroquinone.

 The Chemical substance Hydroquinone is a very popular active ingredient used in most bleaching creams, to remove unwanted dark tones or patches, freckles, melasma, age spots and acne marks. Creams such as the Revitol skin brightener, utilizes trace amounts of Hydroquinone.

In many countries, access to hydroquinone is strictly regulated, most times you can only obtain a bleaching cream with hydroquinone from a pharmacy and these creams can contain not more than 4% concentrated hydroquinone. In the United States, you can obtain hydroquinone over-the-counter, but the concentration is restricted to 2% of hydroquinone, but when prescribed by a U.S doctor patients can obtain a Hydroquinone Cream in concentrations up to 4%.

How Hydroquinone Creams Work

Hydroquinone lightens the skin by causing an increase in the rate the melanin pigment granules are broken down. These granules are also called melanosomes and are located in the skin's pigment cells. It accomplishes this by inhibiting tyrosinase activity, tyrosiname is the enzyme required to produce melanin. This are some of the information you need, if you are keen on how to make skin whiter.

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